Information Security Assessment Services

Our services include:

Hold Security conducts all of its assessments in accordance with industry regulations, best practices, and customer requirements. Test results are compared to industry security standards and we continuously measure improvements over time.

Our service portfolio encompasses regulatory and best practice assessments, covering Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Bug Hunting, Social Engineering, Threat Hunting, and Red/Purple Teams. Whether it's a brief review or an in-depth audit, our goal is to ensure that your assessment secures your systems against cyber-attacks.

Penetration Testing and Data Security Assessment Services

Hold Security’s Pen Testing teams are equipped with cutting-edge tools, combined with internally developed software and methodologies. They are trained for the latest technical requirements and threats to help your enterprise identify and quantify risk and assist with remediation of any security issues and vulnerabilities. We employ standard methodologies to help your organization recognize and quantify risks based on your needs. On top of that, we use our Threat Intelligence Services to obtain the latest tools and techniques employed by cyber criminals. Our assessment methodologies also include assurances that your enterprise is secure not only against pen testers but also against cyber criminals and their techniques.

Hold Security is committed to provide you with the best advice and assistance; hence we never rely on automated scanning tools as a sole way for assessments. Our security testing methodologies require our engineers to conduct in-depth manual reviews of test results and conduct their own battery of tests. At the end, our assessments do not produce countless false positive results and time after time we identify threats that otherwise would not have been found by automated tools.

We employ different pen testing techniques to meet your requirements and provide a greater assurance for your security posture:

Pen Testing – Black Box Approach

The Black Box assessment technique simulates real-life situations where your electronic assets are tested for vulnerabilities and subversions using the most basic sets of information available. This ‘Hacker’ approach examines what vulnerabilities your systems have to casual observers, Internet users, unprivileged internal assets, etc. You provide us a target and we will tell you what the bad guys can do with it.

Security Controls Testing – Grey Box Approach

The Grey Box assessment technique is a step above the Black Box methodology as scanning is done not with minimal knowledge but with as much knowledge about the systems that the customer is willing to share. This allows our engineers to gain a solid understanding of underlying technologies, system structures, and, if applicable basic system accounts to test for complex exploitation techniques such as lateral movements or privilege escalations.

In-Depth Security Auditing – White Box Approach

The White Box assessment is the most comprehensive and efficient way to audit or test most systems. On top of our understanding of business and technical functionality, this assessment is being performed from the system administrator level with access to all necessary resources to conduct a full battery of testing of all the components. Eliminating the guessing work that threat actors usually undertake streamlines the process and identifies nearly all security issues.

Code Review and Vulnerability Research

If you are developing your own software or if you want to verify that your vendor’s software contains no undiscovered vulnerabilities, Hold Security can help with conducting a comprehensive set of tests including regression testing, debug analysis, comprehensive code review, and much more to test all inputs and outputs of the software for vulnerabilities. As part of our practice, we excel in identifying Zero Day vulnerabilities, enhancing the security of your product significantly.

Vulnerability Scanning

We know that cybercriminals indiscriminately scan the Internet in search of unpatched and vulnerable systems. If your infrastructure or cloud solutions relies on third-party software, we offer assurance that the software is fully patched at every level, providing peace of mind. Instead of solely relying on third-party assurances about software security, we strongly suggest a 'trust but verify' approach. Our services include thorough examinations of patch levels across your software and libraries, ensuring no known vulnerabilities are left unpatched.

Red Team/Purple Team Engagements

Standard security tests often fall short when assessing defenses against sophisticated threats. While not every company or product is confronted by adversaries willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals, today's most critical attacks often exploit highly flexible attack frameworks.

At Hold Security, we provide specialized Red Teams focused on offense and Purple Teams that unite offense and defense. These teams employ cutting-edge techniques to create highly advanced scenarios, pinpointing critical vulnerabilities in your systems or networks. We identify exploitation vectors and collaborate to fortify your defenses against skilled and committed adversaries.

In the selection of Red and Purple Teams, experience, ethics, and skill matter the most. Hold Security services offer the expertise needed to face evolving threats head-on.

Organizational Security Assessment Services

Hold Security can help you verify that your organizational controls around security are effective on regulatory levels, human resources, and data classification.

Hold Security has resources to assist you to understand your legal, compliance, and fiduciary responsibilities when it comes to protection of your data. Our experienced engineers will assist you with your compliance needs and will recommend the most efficient ways to achieve and remain secure and compliant.

Data Evaluations

With all of the data that flows within your enterprise, it’s hard to keep track of all applications and compliances. Hold Security engineers will help you identify data types and how data moves inside the enterprise within its partners and for its customers. Each data type will be evaluated for regulatory compliance levels of security and best practices to keep the data from unauthorized access.

Employee Integrity – Social Engineering and Reputation Protection Services

Companies offer training to help educate their employees on keeping company data safe, hence they entrust their employees with access to their most sensitive data. Hold Security engineers will help test your employee training system to stay vigilant and responsible for maintaining your information security standards. We offer a wide variety of social engineering services with skills and precision to match your needs.

Third-Party and Supply Chain Integrity

As you rely on your partners, vendors, and service providers, we can ensure that they are not endangering your data while in their custody. We can help you evaluate the types of access third parties have to your infrastructure, your communication channels, and work to ensure that they do not lose your data. When it comes to cyber security, our experience in evaluating new or existing third party and supply chain relationships combined with our Threat Intelligence Services, we can help you to ensure that your supply chain is secure.

Physical and IT Environment Assessment Services

Hold Security will assess and test the effectiveness of your physical and electronic safeguards that control access to your company’s non-public assets. We review access methods, monitoring solutions, paper records and electronic asset locations, visitor-accessible areas, locks, alarms, safety systems, and more.

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