While additional forms of authentication are still gaining acceptance, companies go to great distances to safeguard their users’ credentials. The reality is breaches still happen. Whether your company’s user credentials have been compromised or a service provider that you entrusted with their credentials has been breached, cyber criminals may be abusing them to further their ill gains.

Hold Security’s Credential Integrity Service is the largest and most effective stolen credentials recovery service of its kind, with over 14.4 billion unique unencrypted records recovered to-date and over 100 million new credentials recovered every single month. Our service aims to help companies of all sizes and profiles to assert their data integrity. We monitor the Dark Web for stolen credentials that belong to your company or customers and provide alerting and intelligence services around this data.

Our stolen credentials recovery operation is the most sophisticated process of its kind, as it relies on non-public sources of stolen data and recovers this data directly from the cyber criminals before they get a chance to abuse it. We enrich our data with publicly disclosed breached data, and we do it faster, more efficiently and with great precision to identify falsified or brute-forced data. Our keen insights into major breaches, in many cases makes us the first at the scene of the crime which helps identify and return the stolen data to the victims. Lastly, we never pay the cyber criminals for stolen data, enriching them is wrong, and we are in the business of stopping cybercrime.

Whether you want a one-time inquiry to recover your company or client stolen data or you need continuous monitoring for newly stolen credentials, we have solutions for you. Some of our offerings come with SLAs to guarantee the quality of our results.

As of February 2021, our compromised credential databases contain over 14.4 billion unique and unencrypted records. Our constant vigilance pays off by preventing breaches caused by stolen credentials.

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