Terminator or Teammate? The Good, the Bad, and the Binary of AI Security

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing cybersecurity, but are we creating Terminator-like threats or powerful teammates? This talk explores both the potential benefits and pitfalls of AI in security. We'll delve into the ways AI can be misused for malicious purposes, but also highlight its potential to detect and prevent cyberattacks. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of the battle of good and evil of AI security.

Alex Holden | July 16, 2024 | 58 min
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Threat Intelligence: The Dark Side of Threat Detection

As we improve our defenses, the threat actors step up their game to cause more harm. We will take a practical approach and examine emerging threats from the Dark Web that aim to breach our defenses.

Using practical examples, we will study these threats and discuss steps that you should be taking to prevent these cyber-attacks.

Alex Holden | June 11, 2024 | 58 min

Domain Integrity Services - Your Brand Protection Solution

We watched for years as hackers used millions of registered domain records as a starting point for their attacks against the Internet. They mined DNS and SSL certificate data to identify their targets for abuse, phishing, impersonations and other misuse. To counter, we began gathering domain-related and SSL certificate information using similar techniques that hackers use to stay ahead and prevent domain-based abuse. Hold Security's Domain Integrity Service gives you powerful collection and correlation tools which allow you to identify multiple vectors of threats and abuse.

Alex Holden | May 23, 2024 | 46 min

The Fine Art of Stepping on the Same Rake, Next Chapter.

Our new installment of threat intelligence techniques of learning from mistakes of others before making your own. We will discuss the most common mistakes companies still make leading to aggravating their security posture from bad to worse. We will dissect examples like ransomware attacks and negotiations, data exposures, and developers’ mistakes.
Alex Holden | March 19, 2024 | 61 min

Securing Elections 2024

With the US elections still months away, history indicates that they will be targeted by cyber attacks from various sources. Safeguarding the integrity of our election process is a complex task, with much of it falling within the purview of cybersecurity. From potential disinformation campaigns to cyber attacks, impersonations, and large-scale outages, almost every imaginable threat vector could come into play during the upcoming election year. In our session, we will examine past and present patterns to chart a course for minimizing cyber interference in the 2024 elections.
Alex Holden | Feb. 8, 2024 | 58 min

Forward to Cyber Security 2024

Rather than relying on crystal ball predictions, we will examine patterns of evolution of cyber threats and cyber defenses over the recent past. We’ll explore significant shifts in the threat landscape, spanning from hacktivism and ransomware to the advancement of AI and increase of insider threats. Join us as we look forward to the foreseeable future of cybersecurity.

Alex Holden | Jan. 9, 2024 | 60 min

Getting ROI from monitoring the Dark Web

Is it enough to be preoccupied with monitoring our perimeter and fending off attacks against our systems? No! This focus overlooks the root cause of these attacks originating from the Dark Web, where malicious actors congregate. By intelligently monitoring the Dark Web, we can strengthen our defenses and better address the evolving threats. It’s crucial to extend our vigilance beyond our own organization and encompass our supply chain and cloud by gaining visibility into the Dark Web.

Alex Holden | July 26, 2023 | 59 min

Cyber Ethics

One may argue that the difference between a cyber security professional and a cyber criminal is a set of ethical beliefs. Over time our ethics change for the best, but we also get tested by circumstances. Is it ethical to pay ransom? Is it ethical to disclose a vulnerability? Are all pen tests ethics correct? In this presentation we will dive into modern challenges with ethics in cyber security.

Alex Holden | June 6, 2023 | 59 min

Russian Hacktivism Unmasked

Before the war in Ukraine if a large group of hackers would attack US financial systems, military suppliers, airports, or healthcare providers, this type of an event would basis for a serious conflict and sanctions. Yet, over the past year these events became normal with little coverage and advice from law enforcement to brace for

Alex Holden | Feb. 16, 2023 | 60 min

Cyber Security: Past, Present, and Future – 2023 Edition

At the beginning of the year, many people make their predictions of what the new year would bring to cyber security, and usually they are more wrong than right. In this presentation, we will try to look at the past and present to predict the future. While we still won’t be able to predict everything, we can rely on history to predict what tomorrow would bring. We will focus on ransomware reality, cyber warfare, vulnerabilities, and technology advancements, as well as AI and quantum computing.

Alex Holden | Jan. 25, 2023 | 57 min

Cyber Warfare - Get Ready!

In light of the current war escalated by Russia against Ukraine, the cyber threat landscape is taking a significant change. Join me to discuss the following topics as the situation intensifies. Change of general threat landscape For-profit Dark Web commerce changes Hacktivism flares and setbacks Cyberwarfare impact and expectations Disinformation and war-profiteering. We will also try to answer audience questions based on available intelligence.

Alex Holden | Feb. 28, 2022 | 63 min
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