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Grown and shaped by market demand, Hold Security, LLC is an Information Security, Threat Intelligence, Penetration Testing, Risk Management and Incident Response Company, helping businesses of all sizes stay secure.

Powered by the brightest security experts, Hold Security works with companies around the world to enhance their security posture. Our engineers play lead roles in investigations of major security breaches, with a proven track record of success.

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Companies go to great distances to safeguard their users’ credentials and additional forms of authentication are still gaining acceptance. While additional forms of authentication are still gaining acceptance, companies go to great distances to safeguard their users’ credentials. The reality is breaches still happen. Whether your company’s user credentials have been compromised or a service provider that you entrusted with their credentials has been breached, cyber criminals may be abusing them to further their ill gains.
Hold Security’s Domain Integrity Service provides monitoring and alerting of domain names. We identify possible abuse, phishing, impersonation, or other misuse as it is relevant to our clients and their brands. With simple and flexible portal access or customized reports created by our analysts, your domain names and brands will be protected using comprehensive and swift identification and alerting of new or existing threats.

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US Hospitals Targeted By Ransomware

US Healthcare system is experiencing the most significant cyber security threat ever and its unfolding in the heat of a contentions presidential election and the worst global pandemic in a century. Hold Security has been closely tracking the Trickbot gang and Ryuk ransomware for a long time. This unprecedented wave of ransomware attacks originating from Trickbot which is still struggling to recover after a takedown attempt. New York Times story explains the threat.

Oct 30 2020
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Recent Webinars

Staying Together Apart – Cyber Security Culture in Times of COVID-19

COVID-19 impacted us all in different ways. In certain ways it made us stronger and more resilient but in some cases it highlighted our weaknesses. In my world of cybersecurity, I see cybercriminals prospering and cyber security professionals are struggling to stay abreast. I want to share my experiences and advice on how to keep your cyber security team strong so it can rise to an occasion in times of crisis.

Alex Holden | Oct 16 2020 | 57 mins
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