Incident Response and Investigation

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When your company experiences an incident or breach of any magnitude, you need professionals to help you investigate and diffuse the situation. Take out the guesswork and let the experts lead you through what could be a very difficult journey ahead. If you are experiencing an incident now, click here to contact us.

What can Hold Security do for you?

Our main goal after an incident is to help you restore your company back to normal operations. We know the challenges and pitfalls of handling incidents from business impacts to compliance. Utilizing our vast knowledge of threat actors and the cyber-threat landscape, we’ll help you minimize damages while working tirelessly to get your business back in order. Our many years of research on cyber-criminals and their organizations can help with attribution and predictions of what the attackers will do with your data. Use our knowledge, expertise, and resources to your advantage by bringing in an experienced team to resolve the crisis.

The Hold Security Difference:

Hold Security is on the forefront of Threat Intelligence and Dark Web research. We know cyber criminals better than most and we can navigate their turf. Hold Security profiled thousands of malicious actors and their criminal networks. We know their behaviors and traits, allowing us to predict what they will do next or link them to nefarious activities. Understanding your enemy is the best defense against them.

Hold Security is here to help your organization do just that.

Incident Response Roadmap

Once we are engaged to help you close the gaps and begin the recovery process, our team of skilled professionals will guide you through every step of the remediation process while keeping your critical goals in mind.

Defining Your Goals

Defining your goals is the first step and will shape the direction of the investigation. Whether it is to minimize data exposure, close security gaps, or understand reporting regulations, our Incident Response team will work with you to help identify and define your critical goals. After completing this crucial step, we can help you allocate appropriate resources to the tasks at hand.

Root Cause Analysis

If we to identify that the incident is still ongoing, we concentrate our efforts on its containment. We want to pinpoint what areas have been compromised and begin inoculation. At the same time and if deemed necessary, we start efforts to preserve evidence of the incident for potential forensic review and legal pursuit.




Resuming Business

Even in dire situations, the main goal is to minimize your loss and resume business as usual. We work to identify the real impacts of the loss, mitigate the risks, and make a plan for recovery. It may be a lengthy process, but we need to start the road to recovery immediately to get your business up and running.

Risk Mitigation


Lessons Learned


Remediation and Response

Even after the incident ends, there may be lingering issues. Our experts are ready to help you on the road to recovery and to build up sufficient defenses to avoid future incidents and attacks.

Incident Response Planning

Dealing with any type of incident requires planning and training. Hold Security offers a wide array of security awareness and training services. Whether your organization needs training on the basics of security, or you need advanced, standardized, or custom classes for your IT staff; we provide experienced instructors that deliver material effectively, efficiently, and tailored to your specific needs. We can help with policy/procedure reviews, awareness training, plan implementations, incident simulations, and table-top exercises.

Dark Web Reputation Monitoring

Some of your stolen data can be permanently hidden or traded on the Dark Web. We offer comprehensive monitoring of Dark Web communications which identifies credible threats against organizations and their data. Industry threats are examined and extrapolated to determine the possible impact. Data collected, such as IP addresses, e-mail addresses, and employees’ and customers’ names is compared to information and data we collect from the Dark Web. Unrelated breaches may present a real danger, as they may provide access to employees’ and customers’ e-mail accounts, re-used passwords, secret question answers, device identification, routines, encryption algorithms, and other confidential data.

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