Hold Security’s Domain Integrity Service provides monitoring and alerting of domain names. We identify possible abuse, phishing, impersonation, or other misuse as it is relevant to our clients and their brands. With simple and flexible portal access or customized reports created by our analysts, your domain names and brands will be protected using comprehensive and swift identification and alerting of new or existing threats.

Several years ago, we identified a hacker group trading over 200 million registered domain records for purposes of abuse, impersonation and new attacks. At that time, we began gathering brand-related information for many of our clients allowing quick identification of attack patterns and threats. Since then, this collection and correlation engine grew into one of the largest in the threat intelligence space allowing us to identify and track multiple vectors of threats.

235,000,000 Domains Monitored

145,000,000 .com Domains

Over 500 Top Level Domains

Over a Quarter of a Million Changes Daily

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