Our Story

Grown and shaped by market demand, Hold Security, LLC is an Information Security, Threat Intelligence, Penetration Testing, Risk Management and Incident Response Company, helping businesses of all sizes stay secure.

Powered by the brightest security experts, Hold Security works with companies around the world to enhance their security posture. Our engineers play lead roles in investigations of major security breaches, with a proven track record of success.

Our Difference

Hold Security works with companies of all sizes, including Fortune Global 500 organizations, to provide unparallel Threat Intelligence services that actually make a difference. Using our Dark Web resources and proprietary methodology, we deliver intelligence and data that gives our clients a step up on malicious threat actors. As breaches are growing larger and more costly, companies need to take advantage of every possibility to enhance their security posture and minimize their chances of becoming victims.

What sets us apart from the rest of the field? We know cyber criminals better than most, and we can navigate their turf – the Dark Web. Hold Security has already profiled thousands of actors and that number continues to grow daily.

We monitor their activities, their conversations in forums and chat rooms and even their social media accounts.

We learn about their networks, hierarchies and their motivations.

We know their behaviours and traits, allowing us to predict what they will do next or tie them to malicious activities.

We have a long track record finding breaches and helping our customers.

Understanding your enemy is the best defense against them. Hold Security is here to help your organization do just that.

We index and correlate public and private/confidential resources on the Internet, identifying malicious and threatening events. Hold Security’s Cyber Intelligence Analysts examine gathered data, analyze it, and interpret it to eliminate false positives. The final product is thoroughly verified, relevant, and actionable data; allowing your company to make informed decisions based on accurate intelligence. Most data gathering, and processing is conducted by native speakers of English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin (additional languages may be available upon request). Using native speakers allows us to blend in during our work and gain a deeper understanding of the acquired data and the cyber criminals.

Most security experts agree that standard security practices are simply not enough to defeat the threats facing companies today. We must go beyond compliance and be proactive to truly keep our data safe. Integrating Threat Intelligence into everyday security practices can be the difference between stopping and minimizing the breach and being the latest victim.