Hold Security assists organizations with every facet of security challenges. We have the expertise to help you enhance governance, facilitate compliance, and measure/mitigate IT security risks to your organization.

Governance and Risk Management

Every organization must consider the risks and impact of information security and how incidents can negatively affect their business. Hold Security has the experience and business acumen to help your organization establish or even further your security practice. We will review your organization’s processes and controls for identifying and remediating both physical and technological information security risks.

Security Policy

We help design and review policies, procedures, and controls to meet the best practices for your industry and for legal standards. We help assess, measure, and improve the effectiveness of compliance to meet company policies.

IT Maturity Modeling

Hold Security can design and review IT maturity models by evaluating IT architecture, staffing, policies, and controls.

Organizational Security​

Information Security is not only for IT departments to worry about… that’s where Hold Security can come in and provide help. Each part of your organization is uniquely responsible for its overall security, and Hold Security can help you verify if your organizational controls around security are effective on many levels; including Regulatory, Human Resources, and Data Classification requirements.

Human Resources

Hold Security will review and test your organization’s policies and controls regarding employee on-boarding/off-boarding. We also help educate company personnel to employ sound IT security practices.

Public Relations

Hold Security can assist your organization with their public image in the media, marketing and advertising materials, and in case of an incident, we can help to re-establish a sound public image. As reputation is one of the most important corporate assets, our efforts are focused on its protection or its restoration, if damaged in any way.


Along with compliance and best practices, Hold Security will work with your legal departments and outside counsel to identify potential risks and liabilities, plan for incident response, remediation, as well as reporting.

IT Asset Management

Hold Security can evaluate your organizations’ policies and controls for hardware and software inventories and disposal.

Security Architecture and Integration​

Hold Security offers a variety of services for organizations of all sizes and industries to design, implement, and properly leverage information security technologies within each infrastructure.

Security Education and Awareness Services

Hold Security offers a wide array of security awareness and training services. Whether your organization needs to train on the basics of security, or you need advanced, standardized, or even custom classes for your IT staff. We provide experienced instructors with practical experience who will deliver the material effectively, efficiently, and relative to your specific needs.

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