Organizational Security Assessment Services

Hold Security can help you verify that your organizational controls around security are effective on regulatory levels, human resources, and data classification.

Hold Security has resources to assist you to be in compliance with many regulatory mandates such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SEC/FINRA, State privacy regulations, ISO, and many others. Our experienced engineers will assist you with your compliance needs and will recommend what is necessary to be and stay compliant.

Data Evaluations

risk_imageWith all of the data that flows within your enterprise, it’s hard to keep track of all the applications and compliances. Hold Security engineers will help you identify data types and how data moves inside the enterprise within its partners and for its customers. Each data type will be evaluated for regulatory compliance levels of security and best practices to keep the data from unauthorized access.

Employee Integrity – Social Engineering and
Reputation Protection Services

Companies entrust their employees with access to their most sensitive data and training of these employees to keep the data safe. Hold Security engineers will help you test your employee training to stay vigilant and responsible for maintaining your information security standards.

Third-Party Integrity

As you rely on your partners, vendors, and service providers, we can ensure that they are not endangering your data while in their custody. We can help you evaluate types of access third-parties have into your infrastructure, your communication channels, and work to ensure that they do not lose your data.