Information Security Assessment Services

Hold Security conducts all of its assessments in accordance with industry regulations, best practices
and customer requirements. Test results are compared to industry security standards and we continuously measure improvements over time.


Physical and IT Environment Assessment Services

Hold Security will assess and test the effectiveness of your physical and electronic safeguards that control access to your company’s non-public assets. We review access methods, monitoring solutions, paper records and electronic assets locations, visitor-accessible areas, locks, alarms, safety systems, and more.

Data Security Assessments Services

Hold Security auditing teams are equipped with cutting-edge tools, combined with internally-developed software and methodologies. Our auditing professionals are trained for the latest technical requirements and vulnerabilities to help your enterprise identify and quantify risk, as well as assist with remediation of any security issues and vulnerabilities.
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Organizational Security Assessment Services

Hold Security can help you verify that your organizational controls around security are effective with regards to regulatory, human resources, and data classification. Read More >