Security Architecture and Integration

Hold Security offers a variety of services for organizations of all sizes and industries to design,
implement and properly leverage information security technologies within your infrastructure.


Human Resource Management

finger_access_11x825Hold Security will review and test your organization’s policies and controls regarding employee on-boarding/off-boarding. We also help educate company personnel to employ sound IT security practices.

Access Control

Hold security will evaluate and test policies and processes regarding system user accounts, passwords, access rights, and controls for authorization and authentication.

Security Solution Design and Integration

If your organization is looking to implement a specific security solution or just has to address general compliance or other security needs, Hold Security has experts who can help you select, implement, and maintain the right and most feasible solution.

Security Tools Effectiveness Assessment

Organizations have many security tools to help them stay secure. But how effective are they?
Our experts can evaluate the effectiveness of your current security tools to ensure they are as effective as possible within your enterprise.