“TRUST US; YOUR DATA IS SECURE” states the Data Security page on CorporateCarOnline’ s website but it didn’t stop the cyber gang responsible for LexisNexis, Adobe, PR Newswire and many other breaches.

On September 28, Hold Security Deep Web Monitoring identified a database with nearly 10 million records on the same server where Adobe and PR Newswire data was found. It was identified to belong to CorporateCarOnline, who later confirmed the ownership.

CorporateCarOnline is an online software provider for limousine transportation reservation solutions.

Journalist Brian Krebs reports in-depth on the incident – a tragic loss of financial and personal data of hundreds of thousands customers.

The breach most likely occurred on or before September 10, 2013 and there is strong evidence that it was done through a Adobe’s ColdFusion exploit.

This compromise affects many but it is also an attack against small businesses everywhere. Keeping your online business secure takes more than an assuring statement. Hold Security’s Security Architecture and Security Assessment services for small businesses (and for businesses of all sizes) provide surprisingly affordable solutions of the highest quality and effectiveness. We make operating an online business security headache-free.

Hold Security apprised Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AmericanExpress of the breach and each of these companies are taking steps to protect the victims.

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