Hold Security’s Incident Response and Investigation Practice worked on numerous breaches where the clues and extrapolations of vital data about the perpetrators, information about the breach, and even the stolen data has been found in the “dark corners of the Internet”. Through our numerous resources, we continuously monitor underground forum communications, chat channels, and data exchanges between the most notorious cyber criminals. This “Deep Web Monitoring” service has been very successfully utilized by our existing customers as an extra value.

Today, with the news of Data Broker Giants Hacked by ID Theft Service and Hold Security investigators’ contributions to the story, we are proud to announce the first public offering of our Deep Web Monitoring services to select customers.

Here are some statistical facts about the Deep Web Data gathered just in the past few months:

  • Approximately 70 million e-mail addresses stolen by spammers, hackers, and botnets. Most of them accompanied with passwords.
  • 30,000 compromised systems from around the world
  • 200,000 stolen financial accounts
  • Hundreds of zero-day exploits and malware
  • Dozens of botnet controllers
  • Over 4,000 cyber-criminals’ dossiers updated
  • We can help you to find out who is targeting or exploiting data of your company, your employees, or your customers! We can help you identify many zero-day threats before they do any damage!

Click here for details of the new offering