How fast time flies! Only six months ago Hold Security announced a public offering of our Deep Web Monitoring services, and since then we’ve helped many companies identify, minimize, and eliminate security threats.

Today, we are breaking out the most popular part of the Deep Web Monitoring as a separate offering, and are proud to introduce Hold Security’s Credentials Integrity Services.

One of the most valuable bounties for the hackers are your credentials – user IDs (email addresses) and passwords. And these credentials can be stolen not only directly from your company but also from services in which you and your employees entrust data.

Hold Security’s analysts work tirelessly to find stolen or abused credentials and alert our customers. In October 2013, Hold Security identified the biggest ever public disclosure of 153 million stolen credentials from Adobe Systems. One month later we identified another large breach of 42 million credentials from Cupid Media.

To help our customers we tracked over 300 million abused credentials that were not disclosed publicly (that is over 450 million credentials if you count our Adobe find). But this month, we exceeded all expectations! In the first three weeks of February, we identified nearly 360 million stolen and abused credentials and 1.25 billion records containing only email addresses. These mind boggling numbers are not meant to scare you and they are a product of multiple breaches which we are independently investigating. This is a call to action, and if you are concerned about integrity of your company’s user credentials we encourage you to use our Credentials Integrity Services.

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