Deep Web Monitoring

What Are You Trying To Protect?

This should be the first question you ask. Our Deep Web Monitoring and Threat Intelligence services are designed to help you achieve your goals.

We guide our clients by helping them evaluate the most essential threats against their data. Most engagements begin by helping our clients understand which data is most important to their organization and would cause the most damage if compromised. Next, we may provide advice on methodology to keep their most critical data secure. It is vital for all organizations to shore up their security within their perimeter, but malicious actors are persistent and even the most secure companies experience breaches. In the unfortunate event when your data does escape your perimeter, you can count on our experience and expertise in the Deep Web to help you stop or minimize a breach.

We offer standard services; however, we can design custom solutions to fit your organizations particular needs.

Credential Integrity Services

Hold Security’s Credentials Integrity Service aims to help companies of all sizes and profiles to assert their data integrity. We monitor the Deep Web for stolen credentials that belong to your company or your customers and provide alerting and intelligence services around this data.

Deep Web Contextual Research

Hold Security contextually searches Deep Web data for terms and keywords that are critical to your company. As with all our services, this research is conducted in multiple languages. Our intelligence Analysts analyze all collected data, using parameters defined by our clients, to eliminate false positives and deliver only relevant information to our clients.

We can monitor and search our Deep Web sources to identify potential threats facing your company’s brands, services, end-users, vendors, or employees. Collected information may include, but is not limited, to the following:

► Spam or Phishing URLs
► Schemes and Abuse of your data
► Exploits
► Impersonations
► Attacks against your sytems

Industry Threat Intelligence

Your organization may be a direct target of hackers or it may be your industry as a whole. Hold Security can provide your company with Industry Threat Intelligence gathered from our Deep Web sources. With this service, we search for intelligence on specific industries and relay all relevant data back to our clients. Knowing if hackers are lurking in your neighborhood can help you prepare for possible attacks.

Industry threats are analyzed and extrapolated to determine the possible impact to your organization. We can provide intelligence on hackers and/or hacker groups, vectors of attacks, and the type of data they are targeting. We will send out near real-time alerts on major breaches, trends, and/or discovered exploitations. Briefings include operational intelligence mitigation strategies, access to raw data (if applicable), and any other pertinent information.

Organizational Intelligence

Hold Security offers a set of services to help maintain your organization’s integrity. We use all available sources to gather intelligence and monitor your company’s products, services, key executives, vendors, partners, and more. This holistic monitoring of a company and it’s reputation often identifies potentials for data leaks, cyber-attack vectors, and possible exploits. Monitoring may be extended to look for possible threats of corporate espionage facing your company.

We can also monitor your organization’s media outreach in the form of advertising, news stories, social media, products and services acceptance, and public opinion.

Deep Web Data Research

Hold Security can gain access to communication channels and tools hackers use to carry out their attacks. Leveraging this access, we can gather intelligence and recover stolen data related to your organization, employees, or customers. Being privy to this type of information will allow your company to stop or minimize a breach, as well as remediate vulnerabilities more effectively.

Our Most Common Sources of Intelligence Include:

► Forum Access

Our analysts leverage access to private forums frequented by cyber criminals and identify any data pertinent to your company and it’s stakeholders.

► Chat Channels

We monitor a number of real-time communication streams between notorious individuals and/or groups, who may be exchanging information affecting your organization.

► Botnet Monitoring

Hold Security gains access to certain botnet command-and-control servers, which contain data collected from infected systems exploited by viruses, malware, or other malicious methods. As with our other sources, we can recover stolen data related to your company. Data from this source is usually highly detailed and may include:


  • History of access to and from your domains
  • Infected systems names and IP addresses
  • Data captured through key loggers
  • Browser information/history
  • Credentials used to access systems and resources
  • Dates of malicious activity

► Domain Name Integrity

Hold Security will monitor your organization’s domain name(s) to ensure integrity and defend against cyber squatting, impersonations, and general abuse. This services includes checks for domain names similar in appearance, registered in countries where you are not conducting business, common misspellings, similar names and other variations.

Personnel Monitoring & Profiling

Over the last several years, many significant breaches involved insiders. Additionally, these types of breaches are usually the most severe and costly.
Hold Security offers an extensive range of Employee Monitoring Services, such as Internet behavior and public profile monitoring. Without violating the employee’s legal rights, an individual’s Internet profiles are gathered in order to identify vulnerabilities in the employee’s personal or corporate security. Other factors, such as employee’s discontent with the company, illegal or immoral deeds, threats, or other malicious behavior can also be gathered and monitored to alert our clients for the potential of a breach. Significant behavior changes can be used to predict potential for discontent, susceptibility to social engineering, or other exploitations.

There are also times when hackers or malicious individuals target key personnel within your organization. They may have many different motives and sometimes even threaten an employee’s safety. Hold Security can monitor and research your company’s specified personnel, including senior management and executives, to identify and analyze any potential threats directed at specified personnel or the organization. Coverage may range from general identity management to comprehensive executive “virtual protection”. Flexible and customizable options are available based on your desired coverage and specified monitoring components.

No matter the size of your company or your security budget, Hold Security’s Deep Web Monitoring and Threat Intelligence services are designed to protect what is most important to you and your organization.

If your company is ready to move into the future of security, we are here to help.