Hold Security Webinars

Hold Security’s Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Holden, regularly speaks on current events and important issues regarding information security via Hold Security’s BrightTalk webinar channel. Below you will find our recent webinars on topics pertinent to today’s cyber security landscape.

Defending Your Domains: DNS Abuse Defenses

Apr 18 2019 | 62 mins

Phishing and website impersonations are one of the most common and harmful techniques that cause a substantial amount of damage. Mining DNS data can be a great and effective way to prevent these attacks from ever taking off. We will discuss how to detect and blacklist sites before the first fraudulent email or first web connection is made.

Learn about techniques and tools available to stop these attacks at root.

Information Security – Building the Right Team – Success Stories

Mar 19 2019 | 61 mins

One of the toughest fights in information security is the fight for your budget. The most integral part of your budget are your employees. We will discuss how strategic investments into the human capital can make or break your security posture. How to get the right talent, and also how to retain it. The human side of economics is usually the most unpredictable one and you need to know how to navigate it.

Facts and Myths about Stolen Credentials

Feb 19 2019 | 62 mins

The simplest way to compromise systems is not by hacking but through use of previously stolen information like credentials that would let the bad guys walk in through the front door and take everything.

Therefore, stolen credentials have a high demand on the Dark Web and we are constantly barraged by news about massive credentials thefts.

You should be protecting your users from losing their credentials and subsequent abuse. However, you should also protect them against misinformation about “new” credentials cache discoveries.

After being credited with the largest legitimate stolen credentials discoveries, I feel like one of the world’s foremost experts to provide you with insights about critical thefts.

Cybersecurity of Tomorrow

Jan 15 2019 | 62 mins

Learn what kind of challenges the next generations of technology will bring to cybersecurity and what kind of safeguards we are building. From our history of technologies becoming obsolete, to the rise and fall of hacker techniques; we can derive our lessons and not only fantasize about our future but predict it based on a solid track record from the past.

Threat Landscape Forecast 2019

Dec 12 2018 | 57 mins

With 2018 almost behind us, let’s examine what advances did hackers make
recently, and what is in store for us in 2019.

Join this interactive webinar to learn more about trends in:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • 0-day Exploitation
  • DDoS, and others

Detecting a Breach – Dark Web

Sep 17 2018 | 60 mins

We try to fortify our perimeter against the hackers. The truth is that some of them get through, and in most dire cases, they take your data with them to the Dark Web. We will discuss detection of the breaches from the Dark Web perspective. What hackers do with your data, and how to tune your tools to detect your breached data outside of your perimeter.

HealthCare Data – Hacker Magnet

August 15 2018 | 62min

What do hackers want to do with your medical data? These are practical examples from the Dark Web of real HealthCare data abuse. What is important to the bad guys, what is not? Learn about the hackers’ perspective and how to defend the data against abuses.

Breach Detection and Response Handbook

June 6 2018 | 61min

With GDPR present, getting breached not only carries losses due to hackers but the potential of penalties from the regulators and government. What is the best advice on how to deal with breaches, besides not getting breached? Let’s discuss the basics to show a measured standard for detecting malicious events, classifying them, and responding with at most efficiency.

Data Breach Price Tag

April 25 2018 | 63min

Most breaches cannot be simply mitigated with technology or cyber insurance. Breaches have short-term and long-term price tags that come with loss of reputation with customers and stakeholders. We will discuss the true costs of breaches and what you can do to minimize the impact they cause.

Don’t Panic – Practical Guide to Dealing with Security Incidents

March 22 2018 | 63min

If your organization has never been breached, think again, it probably happened and more than once. If you have dealt with a data breach before, you know how stressful and painful this can be. But let’s take a step back and examine:

  • The basics for the incident response
  • How to deal with the worst that the hackers can throw at you and still re-emerge successfully.

War of the Machines

January 17 2018 | 64min

Understanding the hacker advances in AI is critical to stop the new generation of cyber threats. At the same time, what techniques can we teach our AI’s to examine and prevent new exploitations.

Threats Examined – an Insider Look into the Latest Risks in Threat Landscape

November 14 2017 | 57min

Hold Security examines recent trends and breach categories to understand how the
threat landscape has shifted.

Petya’s Real Impact in a New Era of Cyber Warfare

July 14 2017 | 54min

While understanding the current impact of Petya Ransomware is paramount, this type of global attack ushers a new era of cyber warfare. Besides direct impact and implications, we need to derive important lessons set by this attack. The next wave of attacks will be here shortly. Learn what can you do to prepare your enterprise for it.

Malware in Disguise & How to Spot It

May 24 2017 | 56min

On the surface, spotting malicious attacks can be difficult. Hackers are expanding their malware distribution networks by exploiting commonly used applications to carry and distribute their malicious software. In the wake of the three major attacks Wanna Cry, DocuSign, and Google Docs malware outbreak we will examine how malware is distributed and provide guidelines on how to secure infrastructures against the next attack.

Travel & Loyalty Reward Program Vulnerabilities

May 11 2017 | 42min

Join this webinar to learn the top 10 vulnerabilities within your travel and loyalty reward program abused by hackers. What do hackers see as an easy profit? Learn what to do to defend your customers’ benefits.

WikiLeaks Vault7 Impact

Mar 21 2017 | 57 mins

Are we really surprised about the current revelations behind WikiLeaks Vault7? It confirms that the US government has secret hacking tools like everyone else. Are they the only ones who have these tools? We will discuss the Dark Web hackers and the government-sponsored hacking advances. Most importantly, how does it impact our privacy at home and within our companies. What do we need to do to stop this type of unwarranted exploitation?

The State of Cybersecurity in 2017

Feb 23 2017 | 59 mins

Join us in discussing the state of cyber security in 2017. What are current threats, pitfalls, and the myths hindering our defenses. Learn advanced techniques of defending your enterprise security and making it an undesirable target.

Stolen Credentials – #1 Cyber Threat Today

Feb 7 2017 | 60 mins

Over the past several years Hold Security has seen hackers traffic 5 BILLION unique, unencrypted stolen credentials on the Dark Web. Hackers use some of these credentials to breach the most trusted systems and commit the most heinous cybercrimes. Join us to learn about the process of recovering stolen credentials from the hackers and alerting the victims.

What Did Russians Really Hack?

Jan 18 2017 | 58 mins

Almost every news story about cyber security today starts with “the Russians did it!” Did the Russians hack the US elections? Do they regularly steal our data? Who is behind of all the hacking? We will take an insider look at the Russian hackers and try to delineate their ill gains and techniques. Most importantly, what will they do next?

Yahoo! Breaches Continue – What to Expect Next from Yahoo

Jan 3 2017 | 46 mins

Yahoo closed 2016 with another revelation about their poor state of security. This time they admitted of losing all their user credentials in 2013. Adding to Hold Security’s previous intelligence from the 2014 breach, Alex Holden, CISO will discuss exclusive details about situation with Yahoo.

Interactive Q&A: SF Muni Ransomware Rampage

Dec 16 2016 | 44 mins

After the SFMTA Ransomware attack there are many questions about what is the proper response to such attacks and hackers’ motivations. Based on evidence directly from the hackers behind the recent ransomware attack against San Francisco’s Muni, we know what led to the breach. We will be answering your questions about the hackers’ operation, motivations, and victim’s response to this and similar attacks.

The Hackers Paving the DDoS Path of Destruction

Nov 11 2016 | 59 mins

Based on recent DDoS attacks against DYN and a number of other critical targets on the Internet, let’s examine what drives the hackers behind the scenes. We are dealing with a different breed of hackers, not striving for fame or fortune but looking for a malevolent path of destruction. Understanding hackers’ motivation, their tools, capabilities goes along with scaling our defenses against similar devastating attacks.

Breached Elections – How Hackers Are Influencing Politics

Oct 24 2016 | 59 mins

Political elections shape our society for the years to come. While the foreign hackers are no longer watching our politics out of interest, they are electronically directly interfering with our politics. With US elections around the corner, we are more of a cyber breach target than ever. Wikileaks is releasing documents, Russian hackers allegedly breaching DNC, and there is more to come. We will examine the current trends, look at the history of the worst manifestations of hackers influencing politics.

Mega Breaches of 2016 – Yahoo Next Victim

Oct 4 2016 | 44 min

Review of threat landscape of this year’s major breach revelations. Why are they all out now? Who are the bad guys? What drives them? Navigating a web of lies and deception to measure current threat landscape. What do you need to know about current ramifications of Yahoo’s disclosure?