Governance and Risk Management

Every organization must consider the risks and impact of information security and how incidents can negatively affect their business. Hold Security has the experience and business acumen to help your organization establish or mature your security practice.


Security Policy

We help design and review policies, procedures, and controls to meet the best practices for your industry and for legal standards. We help assess, measure, and improve the effectiveness of compliance to meet company policies.

Risk Management and Mitigation

Hold Security will review your organization’s processes and controls for identifying and remediating both physical and technological information security risks.

Security Incident Management​

Hold Security can develop, evaluate, and implement policies and processes for identifying, reporting, and remediating data security incidents or breaches.

Data Classification

Hold Security can assist your organization in defining data classification policies,
classifying data based on sensitivity, and building appropriate control measures for each data type.

IT Maturity Modeling

Hold Security can design and review IT maturity models by evaluating IT architecture, staffing, policies, and controls.