Organizational Security

Information Security is not only for IT departments to worry about… that’s where Hold Security can come in and provide help. Each part of your organization is uniquely responsible for it’s overall security and
Hold Security can help you verify if your organizational controls around security are effective on many levels; including Regulatory, Human Resources, and Data Classification requirements. We can not only help with your IT Departments challenges, but also with security for all other business units and departments in your organization.


5748736_mHuman Resource Management

Hold Security will review and test your organization’s policies and controls regarding employee on-boarding/off-boarding. We also help educate company personnel to employ sound IT security practices.

Public Relations

Hold Security can assist your organization with their public image in the media, marketing and advertising materials, and in case of an incident, we can help to re-establish a sound public image. As reputation is one of the most important corporate assets, our efforts are focused on its protection or its restoration, if damaged in any way.


Along with compliance and best practices, Hold Security will work with your legal departments and outside counsel to identify potential risks and liabilities, plan for incident response, remediation, as well as reporting.

Segregation of Duties

Hold Security can help scope, design, and implement segregation of duties policies based on legal, regulatory, or internal requirements.

Business Continuity

Hold Security can evaluate policies and plans regarding business continuity in response to a security incident.

IT Asset Management

Hold Security can evaluate your organizations’ policies and controls for hardware and software inventories and disposal.