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“TRUST US; YOUR DATA IS SECURE” states the Data Security page on CorporateCarOnline’ s website but it didn’t stop the cyber gang responsible for LexisNexis, Adobe, PR Newswire and many other breaches. On September 28, Hold Security Deep Web Monitoring identified a database with nearly 10 million records on the same server where Adobe and…

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The same group of cyber criminals responsible for LexisNexis, NW3C, and Adobe breaches also had stolen data that belongs to PR Newswire. Partial website source code and configuration data along with a database of PR Newswire customers was found on the same server where Adobe System’s source code was located. Cleverly disguised as an image,…

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Hold Security’s newly announced Deep Web Monitoring Program working with journalist Brian Krebs informed Adobe Systems Incorporated that source code for their flagship products has been found on servers of known hackers responsible for breaches of LexisNexis, Kroll, NW3C, and many other sites. Over 40 Gigabytes in encrypted archives have been discovered on a hackers’…

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Hold Security’s Incident Response and Investigation Practice worked on numerous breaches where the clues and extrapolations of vital data about the perpetrators, information about the breach, and even the stolen data has been found in the “dark corners of the Internet”. Through our numerous resources, we continuously monitor underground forum communications, chat channels, and data…

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