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Recent releases of data from old breaches of the major social media companies like LinkedIn and MySpace should not be as harmful if not for a rampant re-use of the passwords. Alex Holden comments to The Wall Street Journal on recent revelations based on supposed Twitter data. Read more

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NBC affiliate – Milwaukee’s TMJ4 takes an inside view of Hold Security’s Threat Intelligence operation. From identity theft to complex APTs, this behind the scenes look gives a glimpse into our day-to-day operations. In many cases we get the most valuable intelligence without using special tools and technologies but by using our communication skills and…

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Reuters story highlights more details about our discovery. The business of recovering stolen credentials is not as simple as it would seem. We have set records before, initially with the Adobe user database including 153 million records, then with 360 million recovered in February 2014, and finally with 1.2 billion credentials in the most substantial…

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On a daily basis hackers use known security weaknesses to do bulk exploitation of thousands of websites. Usually, we see anywhere between one and three thousand sites breached every day. Once exploited, they install a backdoor (web shell) allowing them to take control of the site. Brian Krebs, in his article covers the challenges with…

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