Dmitry Bokotey


Dmitry Bokotey is the founder and CTO of nuPSYS. Mr. Bokotey brings a multi-technology skill set and real-world experience, having worked with a variety of Fortune 100 and 500 companies along with the public sector. Mr. Bokotey is a world-recognized technology leader with a proven track record demonstrated by his 5 CCIE certifications (Very few people have this many). Mr. Bokotey’s technology expertise includes Security, Data Center, and Service Providers among others. He has published several books on different technologies and brings all of his expertise to nuPSYS. He is not only a highly-trained specialist, but also a leader who is in charge of the staff’s technological development and application design. Mr. Bokotey is deeply involved with setting the direction for nuPSYS and is largely responsible for creating an intuitive and compelling user experience. Mr. Bokotey provides a wealth of expertise in both network security and network management, as well as years of industry experience.