Breach Notification Service

Thank you for your interest in our Breach Notification Service. On average, we see 5-50 breaches a day, most of which go unreported. We are planning to change that with an introduction of our new service that will allow companies to see if their online integrity has been breached. Essentially, the service involves sending out real-time email notifications to our clients if we see their servers come under attack or get exploited by hackers. In addition to continuous monitoring, we will also check to see if your company has been a victim of the latest CyberVor breach.

Please note that it is not intended to be a proactive monitoring service (also available); and notifications will only be sent if we come across relevant information in our regular research process. However, it lets you stay ahead of the hackers allowing you to take proactive steps to protect your data and/or mitigate the loss.

This is how our Breach Notification Service works – upon enrollment, we will verify your identity. We can do so either electronically by placing an identifier on a website that you want to monitor or via other legal processes. Then, a list of your domains will be entered into our monitoring platform and you will be notified via a secure email exchange as soon as we come across any information that indicates a potential or actual breach of your domain(s). Additional services, including incident response, in-depth threat research, loss mitigation and auditing, are also available.

The service starts from as low as $120/year and comes with a 2-week money back guarantee, unless we provide any data right away.

Please read our Terms of Service.